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5 Places to Go in Barbados

Cherry Tree Hill

1. Bathsheba! Whether you are a surfer or not, Bathsheba is a stunning spot to watch the waves crashing while some of the best surfers in the world play in the water!

2. Cherry Tree Hill. At first glance you can't believe you're still in Barbados. With the lush and hilly landscape over looking the ocean, it almost feels like you're in Cape Town, South Africa. Go early in the morning or in the evening to avoid the hot sun and large crowds!

3. St. Nicholas Abbey. Tucked away in what feels like a private jungle, you'll drive up to an old house that is home to some delicious rum. Be sure to take advantage of the tasting by one of the owners, Mr. Warren, and be ready for some jokes!

4. Cheffette. There isn't one specific Cheffette to visit on the island (that we are aware of), but it is where every Bajan told us to eat. It is fast food, but a local fast food chain. Apparently when McDonalds came to the island, it didn't last long because everyone was so dedicated to supporting a locally owned/run chain.

Bayshore Beach

5. Bayshore Beach. I'm not sure if I have ever seen sand like that of Bayshore Beach. Hints of pink dotted through the sand, it was the perfect softness and colour. To avoid the crowds and all the beach umbrellas, drop your towel further south and get the same experience with less people.

*If you're looking for the best deal for accommodations while in Barbados, we would highly recommend staying at the Savannah Beach Hotel! Tucked away on the beach, in what feels like it's own private paradise, you get the best bang for your buck! Delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with your own private beach with the best views for sunset!

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