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We're having our celebration at Collin House, just outside Auchencairn, in the area of Dumfries & Galloway, South West Scotland.

The most convenient way to get to Auchencairn is by car. Sadly, there is no train station in Auchencairn and the nearest station is in Dumfries (30 min drive) or Lockerbie (1 hr drive). If you do plan to take the train, you'll also need to make use of taxis, which we've listed further down the page.

could walk to Collin House from the village, but we wouldn't recommend it as you'd have to walk along a main road (with no sidewalk). Tap the above address and it'll open up in Google Maps. This will lead you to the door of Collin House.

On the day of the party, there will be parking (in a field) at Collin House, but if you'd rather arrange a taxi for drop off and pick up, we've listed some taxi companies below.

For those of you travelling from abroad, further down the page you'll find a few details on best airports to fly into.

Taxis Services

Auchencairn doesn't have its own taxi company, but the neighbouring towns and villages of Dalbeattie, Castle Douglas, Kirkcudbright and Dumfries, do!


(15 mins from Auchencairn)


(20 mins from Auchencairn)

Hendo's Taxis: 07752 728558
Turnups Taxi: 07876573321

Allans Taxi Services: 01557331663
BP's Taxis: 
07711 903928
Nickys Taxi: o7397 874439

Castle Douglas

(15 mins from Auchencairn)

Jans Cabs: 01556502615
Meerkat Taxi Services: 07394997304

Ray's Cabs: 07850054919
Herdsman Taxis: 01556502551
Marks Cabs: 07384299347


(30 mins from Auchencairn)

Star Taxis: 07553373197
Woodgrove Taxis: 07721309537

Premier Taxis: 01387250000
Rabs Cabs: 07391129293
Lush Exclusive Cars: 07535672874

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Travelling from Abroad

The closest international airports are:

Edinburgh Airport (EDI)
Glasgow Airport (GLA)
Glasgow Prestwick (PIK)

Edinburgh and Glasgow will have the most options when it comes to international flights. Glasgow Prestwick only does flights to mainland Europe on low-cost carriers. 

From Edinburgh and Glasgow, you'll then have to rent a car, or get a train to Dumfries or Lockerbie, followed by taxi to Auchencairn.

From North America: Delta & United do direct flights to Edinburgh from New York, Boston, D.C. and Chicago. 

From Asia: Best options seem to be Emirates direct to Glasgow, or Qatar and Turkish Airlines direct to Edinburgh.

From Africa:
 The only non-stop flights from the entire continent of Africa seem to be from Morocco. 

From Europe: you've got lots of options!

If you're flying into London, you've got plenty of choice. From London you'll have to drive or take the train to Carlisle (where you could rent a car) and then another train to Dumfries. 

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