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Born in the Steel City - Pittsburgh, PA - I headed West to pursue a dream of playing collegiate volleyball against the best. After completing my college career, I made an unexpected leap into the modeling world in NYC. Never feeling like it was the right fit, I made a dramatic career shift and moved to Indonesia for 27 months where I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer; a time that allowed my passions of education, service, and travel to come together as one.


Returning to the States, I spent six years in Chicago working as a Diversity Recruiter for the Peace Corps & gaining a Masters of Education in International Youth Development. After an amazing run, I packed my bags and moved across the pond where I started a travel-focused business - Breacans - with my now-husband, Ross OC Jennings. For two years we spent our time on the road visiting over 30 countries working with numerous tourism agencies to create marketing content, consisting of photography, videography, and managing social media. 

Missing working with young people, I applied and accepted my current teaching position at Colegio Maya - The American International School of Guatemala. Three years in, it is clear that this was one of the best decisions I've ever made. 


I'm a lover of sending snail mail, fitness and working with young people of all ages. One of the biggest lessons I've learned across my adult life is the importance of flexibility and communication. I thrive under pressure and welcome having my opinion changed. 


UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGO                                                                         2014

M. Education: International Youth Development

CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, NORTHRIDGE                                                              2008

B.S. Kinesiology: Physical Education & Coaching


DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Teaching License                                                               June 2020 

Physical Education & Health (Grades PreK-12th) 



International School Manila, Philippines                                                                                                                           2022-Present

Middle School (Gr. 5-Gr. 8) Student Life Coordinator

  • Additional descriptive information to be added at a later date.

International School Manila, Philippines                                                                                                                           2022-Present

Colegio Maya - The American International School of Guatemala                                                                                          2020-2022

Grade 5 Physical Education & Health Teacher

  • Additional descriptive information to be added at a later date.

Primary (PreK-5) Physical Education & Health 

  • Delivered a PreK-5 Elementary physical education program that was vertically aligned to SHAPE curriculum standards.

  • Designed and implemented a standardized grading template for Elementary Specialist teachers.

  • Faculty sponsor for "Sports and Games" after-school activities for grades 1-5.

  • Designed and led a puberty discussion for fifth-grade students and their parents that lead to a better understanding of the changes they may be experiencing.

  • Integrated SEL practices into class activities to enhance and inspire students to be active learners and leaders in their own learning. 

  • Designed, implemented, and taught an online PE program for students in grades PreK-5. 

  • Built and utilized a YouTube channel to encourage students and parents to stay active throughout the school year and summer break.

  • Collaborated with grade-level teachers to integrate learning objectives into PE.

  • Created personal relationships with the students to be an advocate for their own learning.

Colegio Maya - The American International School of Guatemala                                                                             Jan 2021-June 2022

Elementary Middle-Level Leader & Elementary Student Council Advisor

  • Facilitated SEL (Social Emotional Learning) training, including updating and sharing a running agenda.

  • Lead bi-weekly SEL lessons during morning meetings for grades PreK-5 to support, strengthen, and develop the tools that students can use to help navigate their personal emotional needs. 

  • Setting goals and systematically checking in on progress.

  • Supported teachers as necessary and identified areas for professional development.

  • Communicated and liaised between senior leadership, teacher teams, and parents.

  • Taught leadership skills to upper elementary students that they used to lead Elementary activities and initiatives.

  • Implemented SEL skills for the students to apply to help with their emotional intelligence.

  • Mentored students while creating and facilitating a monthly online whole school assembly focused on character traits and academic highlights.

Colegio Maya - The American International School of Guatemala                                                                           Sept 2021-June 2022

Secondary Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Club Sponsor

  • Sponsor of a first-of-a-kind, student-driven after-school club that is dedicated to improving the inclusion of all students, teachers, and community members. 

  • Guided students in developing and facilitating diversity sessions with peers and members of the leadership team. 

  • Cultivated youth activism and change-makers through service-oriented initiatives, bringing in guest speakers and connecting them with students at different schools doing similar work.

Colegio Maya - The American International School of Guatemala                                                                                          2019-2020

Secondary (6-12) Physical Education & Health 

  • Developed a vertical alignment of curriculum standards from grades 6-8.

  • Promoted self-directed use of the athletic facilities for all students grades 6-12. 

  • Designed and taught a Crossfit and Spartan Race hybrid class for grades 9-12.

  • Instilled the value of fair play in extra-curricular activities by demonstrating the various ways that sportsmanship is key to the successful whole student.

  • Worked with colleagues to create and implement cross-curricular activities into our classes.

  • Worked with students independently to promote a passion and love of physical activity.

  • Mentored and encouraged students to take ownership of their own personal wellness. 

United States Peace Corps Volunteer                                                                                                                                  2010-2012

TEFL Teacher, East Java, Indonesia 

  • Co-taught English with an Indonesian counterpart to 580 students per week in a rural High School.

  • Established a curriculum grounded in inquiry-based learning through extensive lesson planning, training, & experimentation with my host-national counterparts.

  • Taught all levels of English to classes of 50+ students, adapting lessons to meet the needs of the students & teachers.

  • Collaborated with Indonesian counterparts to create materials, lesson plans, formulate attainable objectives for teachers & outcomes for students, & create sustainable teaching practices.

  • Lead English, soccer, volleyball, & badminton Club.

  • Supported Elementary School teachers on English lessons & curriculum development.

  • Held English lessons & tutoring to children and youth in the community.

  • Worked with fellow Volunteers to create an English Performance Night for 102 students.

  • Fundraised and wrote a grant alongside Indonesian counterparts for the construction of a sports facility on our school's campus. Awarded over $2,000 to be put toward the project.

Ross Swaziland (8 of 8).jpg


  • IFSEL trainee, Virtual

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Respect (DEIR) Club, Faculty Sponsor

  • Cultures of Dignity member, Colegio Maya                                                     

  • Choose Love Movement Training, Virtual                                                         

  • Generative Appreciative Thought Partners Co-presenter, Taos Institute          

  • Design Team School Improvement member, Colegio Maya                                  

  • Diversity Collaborative member, Virtual                                                          

  • Child Protection for International Schools - Level 2, EduCare                                 

  • KIDDO Certificate of Physical Literacy, The University of Western Australia                     

  • Strategies for Addressing Student Anxiety, Greenville University                                    

  • Grade 7 Mentor, Colegio Maya, Guatemala                                                     

  • Sports and Games; Using Instructional Models in PE, Greenville University                     

  • Certificate in Positive Education, Positive Education                                                     

  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certification, TEFL.ORG.UK                   

August 2021
Nov 2021
April 2021



United States Peace Corps                                                                                                                                               2014-2017

Diversity Recruiter, Central Region 

  • Established & implemented a diversity recruitment strategic plan in collaboration with the entire Central Region (covering 24 States)

  • Adapted diversity curriculum & programs to meet the needs of each Recruiter.

  • Guided & supported Regional Recruiters on diversity outreach, best practices, & resource sharing based on their geographical territory.

  • Planned & executed marketing campaigns by leveraging technology & grassroots tactics to strategically promote volunteer opportunities & source candidates.

  • Coordinated diversity outreach between the Central region & Peace Corps National Headquarters.

  • Facilitated diversity-specific training for Peace Corps staff.

  • Collaborated, fostered, & developed relationships with University faculty members, student organizations, & communities.

  • Safe Zone representative.

Breacans                                                                                                                                                                      2016-Present


  • Design, organize & lead one-of-a-kind small group Trips to different destinations around the world.

  • Create digital content (ie photography, videography, &/or blogs).

University of Illinois at Chicago Athletics                                                                                                                            2012-2014

Assistant Women's Volleyball Coach & Compliance Officer

  • Assisted in recruitment, compliance, and coaching of student-athletes.

  • Competed in practices to simulate game-like environments.

  • Assist the Compliance Officer on eligibility, financial aid, and other academic-related issues for all student-athletes.

buildOn                                                                                                                                                                         2013-2014

Program and Development Intern

  • Developed programming for K-12 students around engaging in their community in a meaningful way.

  • Designed and incorporated volunteering into school curriculums throughout low-resourced schools in the Chicagoland area.

  • Facilitated weekly volunteer projects, working with over 200 students weekly.

  • Coordinated fundraising events and develop strategies to connect with stakeholders.

California State University, Northridge Mentor                                                                                                                   2004-2008

Student-Athlete Mentor

  • Worked directly with 6 student-athletes on balancing their academic and athletic career.

  • Monitored their academic progress and tutored multiple subjects.


Indonesia 037.jpg

"Mr. Travis was always able to make students believe in their own abilities and he would always celebrate the smallest improvements from every student. What I liked when Mr. Travis taught is that he was always very happy. He would always joke with us, which made the classes fun. I feel proud to have had a teacher as great as Mr. Travis." - Samsul (Indonesia 2010-2012)

"Since Mr. Travis taught me English at SMAN Candipuro, I started to really like English. Mr. Travis' way of teaching is very fun and not boring because he combines playing and learning. Mr. Travis never got angry when he taught us and would use different phrases to encourage us to 'Always try'. The way Mr. Travis taught us English was by starting with basic words to help students remember and digest. I now teach English and use many of the games Mr. Travis played with us in my classes." - Ika

(Indonesia 2010-2012)


"Mr. Travis always livened up the classroom atmosphere. What I liked when Mr. Travis taught was that there were times when Mr. Travis was serious about teaching and there were times when he would joke around in class. I always felt happy as his student. I appreciate all the lessons Mr. Travis taught us when he was my teacher." - U'un

(Indonesia 2010-2012)

"Mr.Travis was a great mentor and always made everyone feel welcomed and supported. He was always very respectful, kind, open-minded to new ideas, flexible, and made sure to consider and adapt to everyone's needs. He was able to let students have fun while maintaining progress/getting work done, and with his organization skills, we would achieve and learn great things. I am grateful for having such a caring mentor who would stand up for anyone." - Sophia

(Guatemala 2019-2022)

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