MORELAND UNIVERSITY                                                                          Valid through 2031

Teaching Credential: Certified K-12 Physical Education & Health (24 grad credit hrs)

GREENVILLE UNIVERSITY                                                                                  2020 - 2021

Continued Education

  • Using Instructional Models in PE (3 grad credit hrs.)

  • Strategies for Addressing Student Anxiety (3 grad credit hrs)

UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGO                                                              2012 - 2014

M.Education: International Youth Development

CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, NORTHRIDGE                                                   2003 - 2008

B.S Kinesiology: Physical Education & Coaching



Colegio Maya - The American School of Guatemala                                           2020-2022

Primary (PreK-5) Physical Education & Health 

  • Team lead for Elementary Warrior Time

  • etc etc etc

Colegio Maya - The American School of Guatemala                                           2019-2020

Secondary (6-12) Physical Education & Health 

  • Developed a vertical alignment of curriculum standards from Gr. 6-8.

  • Promoted safe & fair play of all students K-12 in the gym.

  • Created & taught a Crossfit & Spartan Race hybrid class for Gr. 9-12.

  • Taught a Fit for Life class for Gr. 9-12 focused on living a healthy life.

  • Instilled the value of fair play in extra-curricular activities by demonstrating the various ways that sportsmanship is key to the successful whole student.

  • Mentor for eight students in Grade 7.

United States Peace Corps Volunteer                                                                 2010-2012

TEFL Teacher, East Java, Indonesia 

  • Co-taught English with an Indonesian counterpart to 580 students per week in a rural High School.

  • Established a curriculum grounded in inquiry-based learning through extensive lesson planning, training, & experimentation with my host-national counterparts.

  • Taught all levels of English to classes of 50+ students, adapting lessons to meet the needs of the students & teachers.

  • Collaborated with Indonesian counterparts to create materials, lesson plans, formulate attainable objectives for teachers & outcomes for students, & create sustainable teaching practices.

  • Lead English, soccer, volleyball, & badminton Club.

  • Supported Elementary School teachers on English lessons & curriculum development.

  • Held English lessons & tutoring to children and youth in the community.

  • Worked with fellow Volunteers to create an English Performance Night for 102 students.

  • Fundraised & wrote a grant alongside Indonesian counterparts for the construction of a sports facility on our schools campus.



50-hr TEFL, 30-hr Grammar & Language Awareness, 20-hr Video & Observation, 10-hr

Telephone Teaching & 10-hr Teaching Large Classes



Completed 64 hrs of training in utilizing Applied Positive Psychology with

children & adolescents




Grade K - 12

Physical Education & Health

Valid through 2031

Child protection for international schools

EduCare Tes Global

Level 2 



UNITED STATES PEACE CORPS                                                                       2014-2017

Diversity Recruiter, Central Region 

  • Established & implemented a diversity recruitment strategic plan in collaboration with the entire Central Region (covering 24 States)

  • Adapted diversity curriculum & programs to meet the needs of each Recruiter.

  • Guided & supported Regional Recruiters on diversity outreach, best practices, & resource sharing based on their geographical territory.

  • Planned & executed marketing campaigns by leveraging technology & grassroots tactics to strategically promote volunteer opportunities & source candidates.

  • Coordinated diversity outreach between the Central region & Peace Corps National Headquarters.

  • Facilitated diversity-specific training for Peace Corps staff.

  • Collaborated, fostered, & developed relationships with University faculty members, student organizations, & communities.

  • Safe Zone representative.

BREACANS                                                                                              2016-PRESENT


  • Design, organize & lead one-of-a-kind small group Trips to different destinations around the world.

  • Create digital content (ie photography, videography, &/or blogs).

UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGO ATHLETICS                                           2012-2014

Assistant Women's Volleyball Coach & Compliance Officer

  • Assisted in recruitment, compliance, and coaching of student-athletes.

  • Competed in practices to simulate game-like environments.

  • Assist the Compliance Officer on eligibility, financial aid, and other academic-related issues for all student-athletes.

BUILDON                                                                                                      2013-2014

Program and Development Intern

  • Developed programming for K-12 students around engaging in their community in a meaningful way.

  • Designed and incorporated volunteering into school curriculums throughout low-resourced schools in the Chicagoland area.

  • Facilitated weekly volunteer projects, working with over 200 students weekly.

  • Coordinated fundraising events and developed strategies to connect with stakeholders.

CAL STATE UNIVERSITY, NORTHRIDGE MENTOR                                              2004-2008

Student-Athlete Mentor

  • Worked directly with 6 student-athletes on balancing their academic and athletic career.

  • Monitored their academic progress and tutored multiple subjects.